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Our different shows.

These are some of the programming we provide, for your entertainment. 

A Podcast and Youtube show hosted by Branden Lacau and co-host William Phoenix and Luis Lacau. This show is a weekly episode series that discusses movie news relative to that time, a selected Feature film on a streaming network that all three have a conversation about, and then our Individual reviews that each of the three bring their own film they recently saw.

A Podcast show that delves into a particular film or filmmaker in history, in an informal conversation between a fan of the subject and the Host Luis Lacau. In this series we go into why, how, and wow of the films or persons of the week.

A Journey of discovery and inquiry, into the imagination of one of the greatest authors of our time, J.R.R Tolkien. Cellar Door, hosted by Neisha T Mulchan and Luis Lacau, will explore the steps of Tolkien's mythology and the lore behind his vision. 

A YouTube channel that reviews all kinds of movies from Rare Delicacies to Schlocky films, to the latest films in theaters.

A fandom based organization that holds discussions about pressing issues of the times and socially impactful topics.

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