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Cellar Door: A Journey into Middle Earth - Podcast - Monday's

Wizarding With William Phoenix - Podcast - Monday's

Doctor Who in Review - Podcast - Wednesdays's

Man Bites Retro - Podcast -Wednesday's

Candle Lit BJ's - Podcast - Wednesday's

Man Bites Film - Podcast - Friday's

Manna Bites Film - Podcast - Sundays

Narcotic Casserole - Podcast/YouTube Show Saturday's

Diversely Geek - Podcast/YouTube

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Our Organization promotes, fosters, and strives for honest opinions of films. We look deeply, from completely different points of view and discuss these differences in a civil and respectful manner. We push for a diverse cast of fans, panelist, and co-host that will accept and engage in these ideals. We promote filmmakers and artist that work hard on these pieces of history and look at films with fresh eyes. With this approach we are able to cut throw the negative aspects of fandom and foster the change in paradigm to a positive reflection on films. In turn entertaining, and educating our audience for a positive viewing experience with the films we recommend. 

Our different shows.

These are some of the programming we provide, for your entertainment. 

  • Man Bites Film  

A Podcast and Youtube show hosted by Branden Lacau and co-host William Phoenix and Luis Lacau. This show is a weekly episode series that discusses movie news relative to that time, a selected Feature film on a streaming network that all three have a conversation about, and then our Individual reviews that each of the three bring their own film they recently saw.

  • Man Bites Retro

A Podcast show that delves into a particular film or filmmaker in history, in an informal conversation between a fan of the subject and the Host Luis Lacau. In this series we go into why, how, and wow of the films or persons of the week.

  • Cellar Door: A Journey into Middle Earth

A Journey of discovery and inquiry, into the imagination of one of the greatest authors of our time, J.R.R Tolkien. Cellar Door, hosted by Neisha T Mulchan and Luis Lacau, will explore the steps of Tolkien's mythology and the lore behind his vision. 

  • Man VS Film

A YouTube show / Podcast that analyzes Fandoms and gives you indepth conversations from Cosplayers, Super fans, and others.

  • Narcotic Casserole

A YouTube channel that reviews all kinds of movies from Rare Delicacies to Schlocky films, to the latest films in theaters.

  • Diversely Geek

A fandom based organization that holds discussions about pressing issues of the times and socially impactful topics.

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