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Doctor Who in Review  - Podcast -Monday's

Man Bites Retro - Podcast -Wednesday's

Candle Lit BJ's - Podcast - Wednesday's

Man Bites Film - Podcast - Friday's

Narcotic Casserole - YouTube Show

Diversely Geek - Podcast/YouTube

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Man Bites Media

What we do.....

We are a Family of film makers/ fans that enjoy talking about fandoms and nerdy subjects. We are on a quest to bring everyones voice to the forefront and highlight all the diversity in fandoms. Our family consist of William Phoenix, NerdyChap, Brandon Lacau, Neisha M Your Geekmom, Jyoti, John Reid Adams and Gecko Lacau

Our different shows.

These are some of the programming we provide, for your entertainment. 

  • Man Bites Film

A YouTube show/Podcast that reviews movies on streaming platforms.

  • Man VS Film

A YouTube show / Podcast that analyzes Fandoms and gives you indepth conversations from Cosplayers, Super fans, and others.

  • Man Bites Retro

A Podcast show that reviews fans favorite person in Film History, from Directors, Actors/ress, Cinematographers, Editors, Etc, Etc...

  • Narcotic Casserole

A YouTube channel that reviews all kinds of movies from Rare Delicacies to Shlocky films, to the latest films in theaters.

  • Diversely Geek

A fandom based organization that holds discussions about pressing issues of the times and socially impactful topics.

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